The circle is complete (in six years or so).

When I was 18 and applying for university studies I was dead set on becoming a high school teacher, even though I was in the exact same age as my future pupils. I realised that when I started university, ans I switched to younger children. Ages 9-12 (approximately) was NOT for me, but I still loved the theories behind teaching. It took me a while to realise that I was in the wrong place, and I dropped out of the teaching programme completely. Somewhere between dropping out and a few months back I decided that I wanted to become an accountant, and today I have no idea where that idea was born. Maybe some late night out with my friend who has a bachelor in economics..? Or maybe I associated my meltdown with the imagined failure of dropping out and thought I had to chose a different path? I don’t know and I honestly don’t care. Anyway, I applied for one of the business programmes at Jönköping University and I really liked it in the beginning, but the more I read the less I understood. I had no interest in economics. And I didn’t really fit, or the programme didn’t fit me.

Meanwhile, on the other end of campus…

Jönköping University does actually have the programme I want; Degree of Master of Science in Upper Secondary Education. Well, at least that’s the degree I get. I will probably become a teacher in Swedish and English for high school students. That’s what I wanted five years ago. Or was it Swedish and History? Can’t apply for another year though, so back to work it is.

Isn’t it a bit ironic? Feels good though, these extra few years have made me stronger and more sure about what I want and who I am. And I think I am in a better age as well, wouldn’t want to be 18 trying to student-teach (is that a word?) a bunch of 17 year old pupils about grammar. Now I’ll be 24.

I just had to write about this to clear my head and tell a tiny bit of my story.