My Planners

Here comes a list of the planners I own and what I use them for. My collection is growing and I love it, this is my hobby after all… I do, however, try to use most of them, especially the A5 since that’s “not my size”. I’m a Personal size girl. πŸ˜‰


A5 Filofax Malden in Ochre – school planner for 2016

Large Kikki.K in Mint – home binder + blog maintenance

A Raydori Full size – nothing right now…

Medium Kikki.K in Mint – play-planner

Medium Kikki.K in Black – noting right now…

Medium Kikki.K in Ice Blue – my Personal Planner, mostly reference and tracking for the future. Medical, financial and lists.

Personal Filofax Malden in Crimson – calendar and on-the-go

Fauxdori Travelers Notebook from Inkbandits – on-the-go, journal, YouTube and Inbox

Personal Filofax Domino in Black – holding my future DIYfish pages, mainly for pressing together the foldouts. (not in picture)