5 things I do before school starts.

Hi there!

I just finished a list, you know what I’m talking about. Then I looked at the list and realized that it could make a fine blog post, because I’m sure someone else has a similar list. If you do, please share yours in the comments! Anyway; here’s my list and I will specify further down, because why not? Enjoy, and I hope you find something useful!

  1. Buy new supplies
  2. Pick an outfit for day 1
  3. Pack a personalized ‘first aid kit’
  4. Get back into the ‘wake up at 6 am’ rhythm
  5. Set up planner for school

And here we go.

1. Buy new supplies


I already have all the pens I need, or, I have way too many pens that I need to use before they dry up. I have planned on using the Staedtler Triplus Fineliner for my review and reflecting note taking, whatever ballpoint pen I can find for note taking during lectures and I will probably alter between the Pilot Frixion Light Highlighter and the Ballograf Friendly HighLighter when reading. I got myself two pen cases, one to grab during class and one to only take out of the bag when around people who know me. Wouldn’t want to scare people away with my crazy stationary addiction right away. Guess which one is which?


I did, however, order some new notebooks, A4 for in class note taking and A5 for review and rewriting. Nothing fancy, just those cheap ones that do the work. I already have tons of post it’s, as you can see, so I will try to use the ones I have before ordering new ones. I actually prefer the original yellow ones, weird, right?


I marked my notebooks and maps with my two colors. Since I will have two classes at the same time for the majority of the next four years I thought I could make things easy for me. I think I saw this tip on some YouTube video, to make it easier to find the right notebook in your backpack.


2. Pick an outfit for day 1

I do believe I have this one figured out. How about this;

The text says; I can fit my TN and one personal sized planner in here!

Maybe not those exact clothes, but that is pretty much how I look every day. And the bag I do need, I have no black bag in a smaller size, you know, the personal planner size. I have a backpack, but I don’t need that on day one.

3. Pack a personalized ‘first aid kit’

I bet you can think of at least a few things that you always forget at home. Or is that just me? Those are the thing I will put in my first aid kit. I always forget painkillers and band aids. So that’s some of the things I will put there.


The thing about this kit is that once I take something out of it I have to put it back or refill as soon as I’m at home. Not everything is pictured, I will try to put everything on this list in the kit, not sure how it will fit though. I will probably have to put the chewing gum in a and some other things in a separate place in the backpack. I think I picked up a few extra things when shopping the other day…


4. Get back into the ‘wake up at 6 am’ rhythm

Yeah… about that…

No, just kidding, I love waking up at 6 am even on weekends. That fist cup of coffee in the morning, preferably all alone so I don’t hurt anybody, priceless.

5. Set up planner for school

Check. I’ll share more on this in September, since I’m not sure how the current setup will hold up. But I will have all the important information in my A5 Malden in Ochre and the planning part in my Personal Malden in Crimson. Don’t they look perfect together?


I hope you enjoyed this post, please leave a comment if you did! Or if you have any questions or suggestions, on pretty much anything.

What five things will you do before school starts or before going back to work?

Have a great day,


My August Setup in my Personal Filofax Malden Crimson

Hi there!

I’m so glad you found your way to this blog post, that was created to clarify what I talk about in the corresponding video over on YouTube (link down below). I am a chatterer, even in my own language, so imagine how much worse it gets when I don’t feel comfortable talking. It will probably improve over time, but until then you will hopefully get some questions answered here!

Link to the video on YouTube, since I can’t embed the video yet. I don’t even know if that’s possible. I’ll look into that!

THUMB Setup 08 Malden

First of all, if you want a really good look at the planner I hope you watch the video. He’s gorgeous. And, as I say one million times in the film, a beautiful planner. You can even hear me realize what I’m about to say every time I say “beautiful… planner”, I find that hilarious.

In my Personal Malden I keep my calendar and not much more, due to the ring size and the condition of the rings. The other parts I keep in my Fauxdori Travelers Notebook, my A5 Malden and a Kikki.K in Medium. I will show you the TN and the A5 in separate videos since they are important parts of my system, while the Medium Kikki.K serves as a reference binder for my Personal Malden.

For my calendar I use DIYfish, I have found that the grid is what I need and love. I don’t use a set you can find in her shop, but a few different inserts put together to make the perfect system for me. That’s the beauty of DIYfish, you can do whatever you want, if you have the time for it. For it is time consuming to assemble a whole months worth of DIYfish pages, no matter what inserts you use. I find that some what therapeutic so for me it’s not a problem. But if you don’t want to put that time down, there are several lovely ladies over on the DIYfish facebok group that can do it for you. Just a tip, I love these inserts and if you’d like to try them I think you should! I will put up a video showing you my different DIYfish inserts in the future.

As I say in the video, I will not explain how I use the pages, and that applies to this post as well. Now I think I have touched the hings I didn’t like with the finished video, I always tend to find things while editing (or rather; while saying “cut”, “yes” and “no” to my wonderful boyfriend while he edits the video). But if I try to record again I will probably not do it, and that would be worse! And that’s why I put this blog to use again.

Next time I’ll include some pictures, and I’ll try to snap some and upload here tomorrow, because today I’m tired after battling YouTube all day.

What about you, how many planners will you stay in for August?

Hugs and kisses, see you next time!