One Book July 2016; the wrap up OR; did I really learn something?

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Hi there!

Soo… One Book July, eh? One book, one pen, one month. I sure did stay in one book, if you do not count the million scraps of paper lying around the apartment. Okay, so I maybe did not do as well as I thought I did when I went over my notes and assembled my thoughts (read; scraps of paper). I generally trow paper around me, nothing unusual there. But I wanted OBJ to be the month that would change that. I don’t think it was.


I haven’t had a problem staying in one book since I started using more flexible planner systems in early 2014, but I had a habit of switching planner every week. Especially the inside of the planner, since I only had my A5 Malden for the better part of a year. That little problem I solved by stop making my own inserts and start buying DIYfish’s – sure, it was waaay more expensive but I felt like I had to use the things i bought. So, that worked.

I still had one problem though; I wanted to have everything in one binder, even things I didn’t use, so I kept my calendar part light. I only had one weeks worth of daily pages inside at a time and therefore I often lost information or couldn’t check up on what had happened. I keep 99% of the useful information on my daily pages, so taking them out was a big mistake I never acknowledged. Until One Book July 2016.

I sat down, took a good look at my planner system. Realized I had a DIYfish addiction. And that I had to use a Travelers Notebook until I could get my head to agree to keep my daily pages in my planner. And I took everything that wasn’t necessary and put it in a personal sized binder for reference. I didn’t refer to it more than a couple of times all month.

So yeah; During One Book July 2016 I learned what I already knew, but had to come to terms with. I have to keep my planner part with me at all times, other than that I need scraps of paper to write on until I can do something with that. I tried doing that in one Inbox booklet and it was okay, not perfect but it worked out fine.

I also tried journaling during July. With no pressure to it. It was amazing. Had I done it every day I bet I would have used up the whole booklet, but I didn’t. I think I’m going to try to do it one a regular basis though, I could notice a significant drop in “bad days” and panic attacks when writing every day. (Not relevant so I won’t go into that. I wasn’t even going to mention this, but it’s such a big part of my life so it’s hard to ignore.)

My corresponding video is once again really blabbery, but I think I’m getting a hang of things, give me some more time. Let’s say goodbye for now, and hope that I didn’t miss too much. Still working on the taking pictures for blog posts part.

Hugs and kisses, see you next time!



My every day Mobile Office

I don’t know about you, but I tend to keep a lot of the things I use in my bag all the time. When I get home I always place my bag next to my desk/the space I use for planning and creativity. I have a pretty simple bag from H&M, and I have vowed to stay in it until I find The Bag. (I have a pretty specific picture of how my Perfect Bag will look like and work. I am pretty sure it will blow up in my face someday, but hey, a girl’s gotta dream?) Anyway, in my current bag I always keep my mobile office, the things I carry with me at all time, and the base consists of the three P.

1. Planner


I NEVER leave home without my Personal sized Domino. Never. Ever. I want to be able to scribble down anything anywhere and I do use my DIYfish LMI v2.2 Do2P for a thing I call “A List” as well as daily planning. And I can’t get through a day without my List.


If my bag is not too heavy I like to bring a notebook for writing on the go, you never know when inspiration hit you. I received my very first Traveler’s Notebook the other day, a fauxdori made by Ray Blake over at And I’m loving it. I think it has replaced my regular notebook, but I’m not entirely sure yet. I feel like it’s not flexible enough as I like to tear out pages if I’m not satisfied with them (this does not apply to my BrainDump, BlogDump or other list based notebooks, and they stay in my Raydori).

2. Pens


Every time I leave home without my pen case I get the perfect opportunity to sit down and do my color coding or I get and idea where I need to do a mind map (color coding is essential here). So now my Stabilo Point 88 is a part of my Mobile Office and they stay with me at all times. Besides the Stabilos I also bring my Sharpie Pen and my Pilot Hi-tecpoint V5 Grip. I realized they were my favorite gel pens when my black one ran out of ink the other week. Now I’m planning on stockpiling.

3. Post-its

In a transparent zipper pocket I have a lot of sticky notes, preferably of the Post It brand. I wouldn’t last a day without post-its, and you can imagine the happiness I felt when I realized that their 3 in notes fit perfectly on my DIYfish inserts in Personal size. 😀


So, yeah. That’s my Mobile Office, or the things I always have in my bag. Besides my three P I also carry a variety of paperclips and some highlighters. The highlighters are mostly out of habit, from when I studied at the teaching program a few years ago, and since I’m hoping to get into the business program in the fall I feel like it’s no use taking them out. Now I just need to find The Bag.